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Small Business Advocacy Council

The Small Business Advocacy Council was created by RI General Law 42-91 to "develop those specific and comprehensive recommendations for executive and legislative action as may be necessary and proper to maintain and encourage the continued viability of small business in the state." The Council consists of the Lt. Governor, nine key government officials, and ten members of the public involved in running small businesses.

Issues that the Council address include:

  • The problems and needs of small business
  • The role of small business in creating jobs, and what will assist small business in carrying out that role.
  • The status of women and minorities as small business owners.
  • The rules and regulations of the various departments, boards and agencies of the state and local government that affect small business.
  • The policies, practices, and procedures of governmental bodies in dealing with small business.
  • The communication of information concerning state and federal programs that may provide assistance to small business.
  • The promotion of a continuing dialogue between government and small business.
  • Other issues such as the effects of health care costs on small business, government regulation, and taxation.

As Chairperson of the council, Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts plans to bring together small business owners, local chambers of commerce, and government agencies to ensure that government acts in all ways possible to help small business in the state, and is not an obstacle to them.